The Product is a secure easy-to-use content and agreement management platform that introduces desperately needed capabilities to the contracting and compliance function for organizations of all sizes. 

The platform provides never-before-seen insights and clarity into an organization's agreements while centralizing and expediting the internal and external contracting processes.

e-Agree enables its users to reduce contract-turnaround time, eliminate errors and mitigate risk.

Manage and Control

e-Agree brings continuity to post-contract operations and helps you prioritize.  Forget about tracking critical dates in spreadsheets.

Be proactive--not reactive.



The e-Agree Dashboard is the home-base for getting a glimpse of your organization's contract operation at a glance. Alerts and reminders via the Calendar keep users up-to-date on critical events. The Agreement Pipeline shows all deals in the works. Our “FileFree” Filing Cabinet eliminates filing forever while contracting metrics are constantly measuring performance


AgreementS List View

The Agreements List View screen is where users focus on deal management for their organization. For quick and easy navigation, users can find their agreements by folder, or other matters of interest while viewing all versions. Our “2Click Compare" feature allows users to instantly compare versions of agreements. Quickly access audit trails, internal and external messages, events, and download final versions or drafts. Users can also export agreements to Word or PDF anytime. 



The Agreement Editor is very similar to the document editors you're familiar with, enhanced for superior contract drafting. Users can create and save as many versions as they wish. Agreement attributes determine user access, custom tracking and folders. They also allow users to assign and track material terms as assigned by their organization. Users can leverage the Global Clause Library or their own Custom Clause Library for consistent drafting and negotiation.


Reporting Tool

e-Agree enables never-before-seen visibility into your company's agreement matters. Users can query just about anything of interest and understand relationships and magnitude of contractual matters. This helps support operational, compliance and governance matters. As you create your query, the report definition will continuously adjust to your requirements. Standard reports can be run, copied, modified, or saved as a customized report, making contract overview a breeze.  Users can easily view, print or export to Excel, Word or PDF file formats.



The e-Agree signature feature allows users to quickly and easily contract. With a simple click, users can add their binding signature to an agreement and instantly send it to the other party for counter signature. When the first party signs, the other party is automatically notified that the document is ready for signature. Once both parties have signed an agreement, the final digital copy is automatically created, delivered and stored.

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